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Cna to Lvn/Lpn Equivalency Program (Developed by Markita McGee,Lvn)
Cna to Nurse equivalency total assistance program next sessions:   March 2020, May 2020
 This program is for California CNA's who have at least five years experience and are interested in becoming license vocational nurses in  in California. The board of vocational nursing and psychiatric technicians has allowed CNAs, (those who preform CNA or Nursing duties or certified care assistants) the ability  to sit in for the Nclex exam for LVN licensure without having the LVN required vocational training. The board does have several requirements that must be complete before A Nursing assistant can sit in for a Nclex exam, with our help you'll be sitting in the nclex exam chair in no time!

Our developer, Markita D. McGee, Lvn,  created this program in 2016 to assist fellow CNA's to challenge the board as she did in 2007. She is still licensed as CNA and still holds the current LVN license.  About 10 years ago she herself succeeded in the process of challenging the board in Califonia when it was almost unheard of. With her guidance and help we will assist you in doing the same. 

 Currently our classes are completely online. This allows flexibility for a CNA that has a very hectic schedule. With the total assistance program you can meet with us when needed to discuss your application and get one on one assistance With completing the requirements. This can also be done by phone.The total assistance program  also includes the required pharmacology course.

Disclosure: We are not a vocational school! We are a resource center with programs options to assist cnas with career advancement and educational resources. If you wishto attend a vocational program you must complete a 12 to 18 month LVN vocational program. They are full time and cost up to 30,000 

 *Classes are completely online, Includes pharmacology, Online course and application assistance. . In person counseling available 10:30am -6pm by appt., Phone counseling available daily. Please schedule online on the links provided. Program starts as students enroll.  Program is $699, save $100 when paid in full.

You can also register with a $50 deposit here. Pay in full and save $100 today (only $599). If you are having trouble viewing the link to register, you must use a computer or request desktop view of this page by scrolling to the bottom and clicking "view desktop version". You can also register by email here 

Also available:

 Now available!!

 Only $50  buy now start today !

For those with busy schedules this online course walks you through the
 steps to challenge the board. Go at your own pace. For those already
 with pharmacology!! Must students prefer the total assistance program that
includes this course.

​The CNA Resource Center 
5318 Laurel Canyon Blvd #105 Valley Village Ca 91607

Cna to LVN program Info:
The BVNPT (Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric technicians has introduced a new application type that allows CNA’s with at least 5 years exp the opportunity to become LVN’s in the state of california. You must fill out an application with the board and complete the proper paperwork to qualify. Our program assists you with qualifying. 

Program requirements:

5 years full time exp as CNA in the past 10 years 
Hospital or acute care setting exp.
Maternity exp. and Pediatrics exp
High School diploma/ GED 
Pharmacology course (Call for referral) 
Pass Background check

Total Assistance Program costs: $50 registration fee (non refundable) +$699

Fees associated with challenging the board

BVNPT application :$150 
NCLEX exam fee: $200
License fee $220

We guarantee to qualify you to take the nclex exam if you meet all the basic requirements and pay all required fees.

Monthly payment plans available!

 Lets get you ready for your LVN!! only $50 to start! Email us now! 
Register online!! Only 10 spots available

Additional questions?? Please contact us below
New Name??

Yes. The name of our course has changed to make sure all CNAs inquiring receive a better understanding that the program is not a Vocational program. NOT LVN classes. You are challenging the board using experience. We dont offer LVN classes.
click and download our program guide that explains how everything works.